Overcoming the Red Flags of XR Adoption: The Value of an Integration Partner


Over the last two and a half years in business, our team at Bernoullium have learned that Extended Reality (XR) technologies, encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR), hold immense potential for transforming operations. However, organizations often face significant barriers in implementing XR solutions within their complex corporate and governmental environments.

Here are some major Red Flags to XR adoption:

Technical Complexity: XR implementations involve integrating hardware, software, and network infrastructure, which can be daunting for in-house IT teams. Often, the tools available for XR solutions are immature, unstable, unproven, or simply do not exist.

Capacity Planning: Accurately assessing XR hardware and software requirements is crucial for optimal performance and user experience. Yet, there are no capacity planning tools available. The capacity planning industry is still catching up.

Systems Configuration: Configuring XR devices and software to align with corporate standards and security policies is essential. Yet, until recently, there were no viable options for enterprise deployments and mass customization without significant trade-offs.

User Training: Effectively onboarding and training employees to use XR technologies is critical for adoption success. Most corporate employees over the age of 25 have no experience using XR technology and need significant training and onboarding support.

Enterprise Integration: Integrating XR solutions with existing enterprise back-office systems is necessary for seamless deployments. Yet, there are no meaningful purpose-built solutions for network integration, data backup, system security, MDM, etc.

The Role of an Integration Partner

Partnering with an experienced XR integration partner like Bernoullium can help organizations overcome these barriers and successfully implement XR solutions.

Bernoullium brings deep expertise in XR technology, enabling organizations to:

Navigate Technical Complexities: Bernoullium’s team of XR specialists can guide organizations through the intricacies of hardware, software, and network integration.

Assist with and Optimize Capacity Planning: Bernoullium’s experience in XR deployment ensures accurate capacity planning for optimal performance and scalability.

Streamline Systems Configuration: Bernoullium can configure XR devices and software to meet corporate standards and security requirements.

Facilitate User Adoption: Bernoullium provides comprehensive user training programs to maximize employee adoption and utilization of XR technologies.

Integrate with Enterprise Systems: Bernoullium can seamlessly integrate XR solutions with existing enterprise systems, ensuring data consistency and accessibility.

Implement Robust Backup and Security: Bernoullium prioritizes data protection by implementing robust backup and security measures for XR applications.

XR technologies offer a transformative path for enterprise innovation, but overcoming implementation hurdles is crucial. By partnering with an experienced integration partner like Bernoullium, organizations can harness the power of XR while mitigating the challenges associated with large-scale deployment. Give us a call to talk about your XR plans.

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